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in Tulum & Playa del Carmen.

Enjoy the freedom of movement. Be closer to Mexico! RENT a new scooter
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Payments with card and cash
Extended insurance included
Long term discounts 


Italika Vitalia Azul 150 2023

D125 Italika

It´s made in retro style it still a really tech scooter.
Extended insurance and 2 helmets included
Deposit Passport or $200 - $4000 MXN

It is ideal for 1 person, very comfortable 

Extended insurance and 2 heltmets include
Deposit  Passport or $150 - 3000MX

Bike with Basket

Deposit Passport or $100 - $2000 MXN

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Don't worry, we'll take the scooter to your hotel or airbnb at the time you want on the day you need.

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  • How to use a Scooter / Moped?
    Scooters / mopeds are ones of the simplest types of transport to use. However, there are a few simple procedures you need to follow. When you are going to drive a scooter after a long stop just start it a let it run idle for a couple of minutes. You need it for the oil in the engine and transmission reached the proper pressure and lubricate all the parts in the engine and transmission. It will make you ride safer and smoother.
  • What Gas I should use?
    You need to use premium gas
  • Is Gas include in the price? Do I need to return the scooter with full tank?
    Gas is not included with the price of the scooter / moped rental. You will receive the scooter with a full tank of gas. It is expected that you return the scooter with a full tank of gas. If the gas tank is not full upon return, you will be charged an additional 100 MXN.
  • Are there other hidden fees I need to be aware of? (Lost keys, Damage to the scooter, returning the scooter wit a less than a full tank, etc.)
    There are no hidden fees that you need to be aware of. There is only one rule. You need to return the scooter in the same condition you took it. If the scooter is damaged you are responsible for that scooter. The cost of the repairs will be estimated by the official service centre.
  • What happens if the scooter / moped damaged or stolen?
    If the scooter is stolen or damaged in case of a road accident the insurance will cover this damage minus the deductible. We will have to deduct the price of franchise from your deposit. If the damage occurs without an accident you will have to reimburse the cost of repair and downtime of the scooter.
  • How do you understand that it was me who damaged the scooter and not the person who rented the scooter before me?
    We will take photos and videos of the scooter / moped before renting it to you. You are welcome to do the same. If the scooter is damaged in any way after returning, it will show in the pre-rental video.
  • What if I get a flat tire while renting a scooter?
    In case of a flat tire you need to stop. Riding a scooter / moped with flat tire Is unsafe. Extended insurance covers issues like that. You need to take out the insurance from the trunk and call to an insurance agent for help. Or you can fix the tire in a tire shop at you own expense.
  • What happens if I park scooter in a non-parking zone? How much will it cost me?
    The police will put the lock on the wheel or a scooter / moped will be evacuated. The fine is 600 mxn. In case of evacuation it will be necessary to go through the tedious process in order to return the scooter. The price of will be around 2000 MXN. It is better to avoid situations like that. There is no lack of a parking space for scooters in Mexico. Free parking spaces are marked with the blue line or located outside pay parking area. Look for the places where others scooters are parked. It will help you to orient yourself.
  • What is the minimum age to rent a scooter?
    The minimum age to rent a scooter / moped is 18+
  • Is there a limit to mileage?
    No, there is no limit.
  • Do I have to wear a helmet while riding a scooter?
    Yes. You must wear a helmet at all times while riding a scooter / moped per Mexican law. Your passenger has to wear a helmet as well. The police will stop you and fine you if you are not wearing a helmet.
  • Is drinking and driving legal in Mexico? Can I drive the scooter drunk?
    No, it’s illegal to drink and drive in Mexico. If you drive drunk, prepare to face jail time, steep fines, and possible deportation. It’s extremely dangerous to drink and drive, especially when you are driving a scooter / moped. The consequences for your health could be catastrophic.
  • Will I covered with insurance while drinking and driving?
    No, it’s illegal to drink and drive. In case of an accident you will be responsible for any damage at your own expense.
  • Can I ride a scooter / moped on a beach?
    No, it’s illegal to drive any motorized vehicle on the beach. Most likely you will be fined and sent to a jail and could face possible deportation. In addition, the sand on the beach is quite loose and it’s almost impossible to ride on the surface like that.
  • Can I ride with a passenger?
    Yes. Just don’t forget that the passenger should also wear a helmet.
  • How far I can go on the scooter / moped?
    We impose no limit on how far you can go. Don’t forget to check the remaining gas and gas stations in the area you will go. Our scooters can go as far as from 130 to 230 km on one gas tank, depends on the scooter model. Also, as a rental company we advise staying within Quintana Roo state limits.
  • Whats is the minimum scooter rental period?
    The minimal scooter / moped rental period is one day (24 hours)
  • Do I get money back if I return the scooter early?
    No, you will not get your money back if you return the scooter early. We are excluding the scooter form the list of available scooters / mopeds for the whole time of rental. In case of an early return our company will bear the cost of scooter downtime.
  • What If I return scooter late?
    If the rental period extension is agreed in advance, you simply pay for the days for which you extend. If you do not comply with the agreement, we will have to withhold the amount for these days from your deposit. If you are late with the return of the scooter / moped, the payment is rounded up to one day.
  • What happens if I don't return the scooter?
    We will have to contact the police with your details, as well as the insurance company, since this situation is very similar to theft.
  • Is it safe to ride a scooter / moped on a highway?
    There is no danger if you are careful and accurate. Scooters are mainly designed for the cities. But local roads are not so big and heavily loaded. The average speed on the highway is 90-100 km/h. Any of the scooters from our fleet is able to keep up with that speed. But you may feel yourself uncomfortable due to the weight of the scooter and lack of power compare to a car. However, if you keep the right side of the road and stay careful riding a scooter on a highway will be safe.
  • What should I do if the police stop me?
    The police rarely stop tourists. If the police stop you remain calm, show all the necessary papers, your driver license and explain them that you are riding a rental scooter / moped. If you violated any road rules you will need to pay a fine. If not, you will be free to go after the document check.
  • Where can I find all the necessary papers for the scooter?
    You will find all the necessary papers under the seat in a plastic bag.
  • Is it safe to ride a scooter / moped? Are there any dangers I should be aware of?
    If you are riding the scooter smart and carefully there is no possible danger. However, there are several recommendations about riding a scooter. Try to avoid riding the scooter on wet roads and during the rain. The roads at these moments become very slippery, like ice. The possibility of being involved in a road accident increases to a maximum. Also, we advise you not to ride the scooter during the night and in non-touristic places. This is due to a crime rate in Mexico.
  • I'm looking for a scooter rental near me. Where are you located?
    You can pick up a scooter / moped by yourself in the center of Tulum Or you can use our delivery and pick up services. The price for the service is calculated separately.
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